This honestly isn’t gonna be that professional. We just wanted to make it clear that there are rules to this club. However, the rules aren’t that strict it’s just your basic rule stuff.

IF you disobey these rules, we will kick you out of our group and most likely won’t be trusted to join again.

You may have a temporary ban or a permanent ban. It depends on how big your actions were.

Before you are officially banned, the leader, Yan-chan, and the co-leader, Oka-chan, must approve of the ban.

If one of the people mentioned above disapproves the ban, you will be unbanned from the group.

The rules are:

  1. Take the consequences for joining. We don’t demand that many things, but someone has fought us before because she didn’t agree with the consequences and we kicked her out. If you don’t know what the consequences are, they are:
    1. Changing your username. This is optional, but it is highly recommended as every member so far has done it.
    2. Writing your character on your bio. The name of your character must noticeably be in your bio.
    3. Making your profile pic include your character. Some of you may not like to do this, but it says include. That means your character doesn’t have to be the only one in your profile. I, Oka, am experienced with photo editing (I’m also in my school’s yearbook class where we learn all about photo editing and photography) and I would be happy to make your profile pic. If you want a personalized profile pic, feel free to 1:1 chat me or comment to me (ONLY FOR MEMBERS).
    4. Having _YNKW in your username or #YNKW in your bio. If your user name is too long (MaiWaifuChan Kudere etc) try taking an underscore out or take chan out.
  2. Do not bully anyone in Yandere Kewlness. If a member tells us or wants to tell us that someone else in the club has bullied her, the member will need to show us proof that the member has been bullied for sure. If you don’t know how to prove to us, feel free to ask, but we hope this never happens. If a member bullies you tag us and screenshot the bullying. If you are caught bullying, you will be banned and will NOT be allowed to rejoin. 
  3. If you want to audition for Senpai, you must be male. Yeah this won’t really kick you out of the group it will just make us tell you to audition for someone else.
  4. Do not pose as anyone or pretend to be someone in Yandere Kewlness. If a member or any other person tells us that someone else has posed as a character in Yandere Kewlness or pretended to be someone in Yandere Kewlness, the member or any other person will need to show us proof that the member has been posed for sure.  If you see someone pretending to be a member of Yandere Kewlness, please tell us the username immediately (without the @ sign). If you are caught posing, you will be banned and we will NOT let you rejoin until you change specific profile details.


  1. You make it obvious that you have used a strong FX like pop or stardust. We don’t care if you use any FX (except we don’t like stardust or grunge at ALL!). Just don’t make it obvious that you are using FXs or else we might not like your audition that much… Plus your natural voice is better!
  2. You have a bunch of static noise or background noise. This should apply for any online audition ever. No one will ever choose you if you have a bunch of bad noise going on, so try to find a way around it. Also, Basic FX might eliminate a little static or background noise.
  3. If you don’t respond to your audition in two weeks, you are not going to be picked.  If your inactive for too long we might have to kick you out.