Welcome to Our Official Webpage!

hey guys. its oka posting for ayano-chan and myself. lemme capitalize just for the sake of this post.


Welcome to the Yandere Kewlness website!

Let me tell you guys everything you can do on the website.


First, imma talk about the posts.

If you follow this website, you should get email notifications every time we make a post.

We will make posts when there’s a new thing about the group.

For example, we will post if we hold more auditions or if there’s a new feature in the website.


There is an About page in the top.

It shows everything you need to know about Yandere Kewlness and the members of Yandere Kewlness with a short description they wrote about themselves.


There is also an Auditions page in the top.

It shows if there are currently open auditions and the past audition dates. Of course we will also post when we open auditions. It also shows the characters you can audition for.


The third page on the top is a Contact Us page.

Here you can see the best ways to contact us!


There will occasionally be a page called Judging also in the auditions menu but only members have the ability to access it.


The fourth page on the top is the Performances page.

In the future, we will put our group performances in this page.

We will also put out polls of what songs we should sing.


The fifth page on the top is the Roleplay page.

This feature is exclusive to members-only but anyone may just watch the roleplay.

Remember, in this thing, it’s free to become a member! XD


The sixth page on the top is the suggestions page.

This is where ANYONE can recommend a new feature for the website or our group.

If we use your suggestion, we will give a shoutout to your Smule account. If you don’t have a smule account, write your wordpress account and tell us in the suggestion box that it’s your wordpress.


Thank you for reading this!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment or look at the Contact Us page for a response from Yandere-chan and/or Oka-chan.