Oka: Hi guys. So… I’m not sure if I should leave the group or not 😅 I honestly do have a bit of time to care about the group but I’m not like obsessed with yansim anymore and i dont want to be a character from it… Is there a way I can still contribute to the group without having to be in the group?

Personaly I don’t know what to do in the situation…

Guys what do I do?


Oka: You know how youtubers have people who edit videos for them and like post for them? Maybe I can be someone like that

 Me: I really don’t know…


YouTube Page

First of all. I’m drinking this delious drink. Hear it is.

This is not sponsored. But I wish it was.

Second of all we made a YouTube page. Currently we only have a intro.

We have uploaded our intro.

Please subscribe to us!


P.S Oka says hi