Audition Dates

If you want to know when to audition, you’ve come to the right place!

Current Audition Date:

January 19th – January 21st on @AyanoChan__’s profile


Future Audition Dates:

No future audition dates have been decided yet.


Past Audition Dates:

January 2nd – January 4th on @AyanoChan__’s profile

January 2nd – January 8th on @OkaRuto_LGD’s profile

January 8th – January 16th on @OkaRuto_LGD’s profile

February 23 – March 1st on @Bonbon_LGD (Oka)’s profile

March 30th – present on @Bonbon_LGD (Oka)’s profile

April 2nd – present on @AyanoAishi_YNKW’s profile