There was a former post about @__Aphmau_ being banned.

That is not true. Why? Oka didn’t approve and she has to approve for a person to be banned.

We are sorry for any confusion we may have caused.

However, we have agreed that she is kicked out because she didn’t finish a song fast enough.


Does Oka exist or not?

Hey it’s Oka here! Yeah you’ve probably seen the last post… If ya haven’t, go here:

Anyway, does Oka-chan exist or not?

That’s a very hard question to answer in a simple way.

Yes, Oka exists and no, Oka doesn’t exist. Lemme explain.

I’m gonna be the same kind of person as I am now: Someone who manages the group a bit, someone who edits the youtube videos, someone who edits the website, etc.

I’m just not really Oka anymore. When we roleplay or when you do something with me that is Yandere Kewlness related, I am Oka. However, I don’t symbolize Oka in the group. I don’t think I’m supposed to join group performances. Or maybe I am. If Ayano is reading this, please tell me if I can sing in group performances.

BUT, no one may audition for Oka. Oka is mine and it always will be until I REALLY quit.

Thank you for staying tuned to Yandere Kewlness.


Oka: Hi guys. So… I’m not sure if I should leave the group or not 😅 I honestly do have a bit of time to care about the group but I’m not like obsessed with yansim anymore and i dont want to be a character from it… Is there a way I can still contribute to the group without having to be in the group?

Personaly I don’t know what to do in the situation…

Guys what do I do?


Oka: You know how youtubers have people who edit videos for them and like post for them? Maybe I can be someone like that

 Me: I really don’t know…